Spooks Up- Calamity Coyote thinks an avil has killed Little Beeper. Wile Calamity mourns, Beeper finds himself covered in chalk dust & tries to haunt Calamity.

Game Up- Calamity tries to beat Fowlmouth in a video game of Pac-Coyote. It takes practace for him to do it but he manages to beat Fowlmouth anyway.

Skilled Coyote- Calamity tries to catch Beeper with a bungy jump, parishute & anything sporty but they all get messed up.


This is the 1st episode were all 3 segments are about Calamity.

Beeper only appered in the 1st & the 3rd segment.

The game Pac-Coyote is a spoof on the game Pac-Man.

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