The toons were bored. Plucky Duck asks if there were anything to do. Buster Bunny doesn't know. Calamity Coyote holds up a sign that says MAYBE WE SHOULD RECREATE A MOVIE I WATCHED YESTERDAY. Babs Bunny thinks it was Star Trek. Calamity shakes his head and holds up another sign that says IT WAS THE AFRICAN QUEEN. Dizzy Devil says it was a great idea. Fifi La Fume asks Buster if there was really a queen in the film. Buster says there was a woman in the film. Fifi was excited and gets into a white dress. Buster asks who she is supposed to be. Fifi was the African Queen. She snaps her fingers to turn the background into an African jungle. Just then, Babs swings in wearing a Tarzan outfit with a Tarzan Yell. Buster tells Fifi was that the African queen was a boat. Fifi was upset. Buster was dressed up as a captain named Charlie after Babs exits the scene. Fifi and Buster get on the boat. They were having a great time until there was a loud noise. Fifi finds out that the loud noise was a stuck board. Fifi pulls the board out. Buster tries to tell her it was going to tear a hole. Fifi doesn't believe him until the boat was rocking like crazy. Just then, Babs swings in again still wearing her Tarzan outfit and Tarzan Yell again . Buster asks her if she could help him and Fifi. Babs says she's very busy at the moment. What made the problem worse was a very hungry crocodile. Buster and Fifi run into the engine room. Fifi comes out to see if it was okay. She sees Babs beating up the crocodile. Fifi thanks Babs. Later, Fifi asks Buster if the engine is okay. Buster says it is fine. But the sail was ripped and the hole was still there. The boat was going near a shack. A green-overalled Hamton wearing a black fedora and a blue-overalled Plucky wearing a red farmer's cap were playing checkers. Fifi asks Hamton if he and Plucky had the tools to fix the boat. Everybody fixes the boat. Fifi asks Hamton and Plucky to go on the boat. Plucky and Hamton decided to go on the boat. While riding the boat, Fifi realizes they forgot someone. A familiar yell interrupts her. It was Babs. The boat stopped at a rock because they see something. It was Calamity Coyote. He puts on a tuxedo and top hat. Calamity gets on the boat. He holds up a sign that says THIS RIDE IS AWESOME. The boat passes Dizzy who gets on board too. Later, it was getting really hot. Everybody (except Babs) starts arguing. Babs uses her Tarzan yell to shut everybody up. Babs tells everyone they need to have a foolproof plan. Plucky's suggestion was asking Captain Buster. Fifi asks Buster when they are getting to land. Buster points to an apartment. Everybody cheers. Buster steers the boat around to the apartment. It was great to be home. Plucky tells everyone he wished he felt at home. The camera pans over to Plucky covered with crabs. The episode ends.

This was the second episode where Babs wears her Tarzan outfit from No Toon is an Island. Her yell was also from the same episode.
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Finding Some Shelter began with the toons bored. But in the Muppet Babies episode, the babies weren't bored but were playing Star Trek. However, Babs did mention something about Star Trek.
Scooter tried to tell Piggy that the African Queen was a boat. But instead, Buster tried to tell Fifi about something else. And that something else was Babs swinging on a vine into Buster's path.
Piggy wore a pink dress. Fifi wore a white dress just like the movie had.
The boat in Air Conditioner at the End of the Galaxy was designed like a sailboat. But in Finding Some Shelter, the boat was designed like a bigger version of a rowboat (without the oars) with four tall (not too tall) gray poles sticking out from behind it holding up a white roof (made out of tent material) with red stripes.
Even though it was just a game, Fifi got used to Babs after Babs fought the crocodile. But Piggy will never be friends with Skeeter. Now, if Skeeter did save her from the crocodile Piggy would get used to her like Fifi did.
Babs said she got work to do, but Skeeter said she was having fun.
The crocodile wasn't played by somebody, but in the Muppet Babies episode, it was played by Animal.

In Air Conditioner at the End of the Galaxy Kermit and Fozzie didn't come aboard the boat. But in Finding Some Shelter Plucky and Hamton came aboard.

Babs used her yell to let everyone stop arguing. But Skeeter didn't yell to stop the arguing. In fact, Kermit, Piggy, Rowlf, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Scooter didn't argue because of the heat.
And to top it all off, this episode had nothing to do with the air conditioner. Although, there was heat.


Buster Bunny Charlie
Fifi La Fume Rose
Babs Bunny Tarzan
Hamton J. Pig Hammy
Plucky Duck Plucks
Calamity Coyote Tuxedo Coyote
Dizzy Devil Himself
Gogo Dodo The Bartender
The Crocodile Himself