Hamton J. Pig gets a bad case of the swine flu. Buster & Babs send him to a doctor. The doctor says that Hamton needs a lot of rest. Later Hamton starts vomiting. Buster & Babs says its gross has to clean up all the vomit. Soon Hamton keeps on vomiting & wont stop all day & all night. Buster & Babs (who stay with him) get mad soon & desides to spend one night at Plucky's. The next day when Buster & Babs come to visit Hamton they find his house flooded in vomit. They has enghogh of this so again they send Hamton to the doctor. The doctor desides the only cure of Hamton's barfing problem is to run him in a giant force. Once Hamton gets out of the force he is all better. But at the end Buster starts barfing were Hamton says "Oh boy here we go again."


There is a The Looney Tunes Show fanon episode with the same plot.

The force that cures Hamton looks simular to the video game Q*bert.

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