These are a list of Tiny Toon Adventures Fanon episodes. There were 54 episodes produced spanning the course of 3 seasons and 1 special season.

Season 1Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Snow Daze Buster and Babs enjoy a day of snow in Acme Acres, but Monty decided to spoil the fun for our toony heroes using a snowmobile.
2 The Return of the Justice League of Supertoons The league retruns and must battle Wex Wuthor and his allies The Meanie Gang.
3 Return to Slumber Party Mountain The gang returns to Slumber Party Mountain, but this time, instead of dealing with One-Eyed Jack/Elmyra, they have to face with a creature that can capture them easily and can withstand Fifi's fumes! One by one, the toons are captured by this beast until Buster discovered the beast's weakness: sunlight. As day broke, the creature revealed himself to be Montana Max. The toons just leaved him in the castle dungeon just to leave him scared.
4 Batduck Beyond Batduck has been given a mission by Superbun to figure out the disappearance of Decoy. It's up to Batduck to team up with Hawkloon to find Decoy before he is toast by Wex Wuthor.
5 Lovebird Plucky Plucky tries desperate attempts to make Shirley like him.
6 Giving Something To The Public Wraparounds:

  • Buster TV: Because of a satellite destroying the auditorium, Buster and Babs makes their own TV station RABT, to raise money for a new auditorium for the school and with the help of their pals. But they don't just have a new auditorium, but also a school radio station.
  • Paintball Panic: Calamity builds a paintball field to capture the Little Beeper. Of course, all the students want to go to there just to play paintball, so after many failed attempts to capture the beeper, Calamity decided to just give the paintball field to the school.
  • Devil Dealt: A Jekyll-and-Hyde like Devil tries to make Plucky join in his army of evil, of course, the when the Devil tries to make plucky do something bad it did more good for Plucky than harm.
7 The Nine Faces of Calamity Realizing that one of him isn't enough to capture the Beeper, Calamity Coyote builds a clone machine to increase his chances making 9 clones. 
8 Tiny Toon Halloween Hits This episode has great music videos where the Toons lip-sync the songs. and they are:

  • Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal: Sung by Buster Bunny with the Tiny Toon cast.
  • America's You Can Do Magic: Sung by Montana Max.
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller: Sung by Plucky Duck.
  • Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbusters: Sung by Calamity Coyote, Furrball, and Dizzy Devil.
  • Eurythemics' Sweet Dreams: Sung By Babs Bunny, Fifi La Fume, and Shirley the Loon.
9 Fifi's Three Love Tests Warparounds: Fifi must choose between three likely candidates to be her special someone. Will it be Calamity Coyote, Hamton J. Pig, or Furrball?

  • Clean Loving: Hamton's disapproving parents try to break up his relationship with Fifi. But it didn't take long for Fifi to open their eyes...
  • Lovesick Furrball: Furrball has a cold, goes delirious, and falls in love with Fifi.
  • Romance in Wheels: Fifi invites Calamity to a skating dance night.
10 Magic of Cartoons Wraparounds: Mr. Fudd narrates three tales of magical adventures.

  • Strange Stage Magic: Buster and Babs poses as Flower Magicians to crash Montana Max's Magic Masquerade Party to embarrass Max.
  • Chilly Circus Magic: Calamity and Furrball dress as Macaroni Penguins and travel to Antarctica to end a cruel ringmaster's streak of penguin pilfering.
  • Magic House of Cards: Plucky tries to help Shirley build a house of cards before the day is out for Shirley's magic project.
11 Looney Lessons Wraparounds: Buster teaches us some valuable lessons about life through the following stories:

  • Buster Cleans Up: A garbage truck breaks down near Acme Looniversity. As the day goes on, the place is buzzing and garbage flies! As the garbage pile grows and sits, the smell overwhelms the school. Later on, when Buster shows the others that there's more to garbage than the smell, they realize that recycling will put an end to the garbage truck's problems and help the environment.
  • Fortune Teller Plucky: Plucky purchases a new fortune telling machine which correctly predicts bad weather, thus saving Fifi's flowers from certain destruction. Plucky becomes convinced that he can predict the future and lures everyone to his place to get their fortunes told. Later on, Buster, Babs, Shirley, and Hamton all come up with a plan to discredit Plucky. Some people return to Plucky to report that his predictions were wrong. As Plucky tries to get an explanation from the machine, the head inside becomes that of the head from "The Wizard of Oz"! The head talks, frightening Plucky and saying that Plucky told lies to get people's money, that Fifi's flowers was a coincidence, etc. After the head is done, all the people are furious at Plucky and are about to leave. Buster prompts Plucky into apologizing and Plucky does so, admitting that he learned a big lesson about lying and cheating and Plucky vows never to pull such a stunt again though it was fun while it lasted. Later, the head threatens to haunt Plucky if he ever tricks people again. After Plucky leaves, the head turns out to be an image from a hidden projector and its voice is Hamton speaking through a special microphone!
  • Bully for Hamton: A new kid comes to Acme Loo: Butch the Bull. However, things don't go as smoothly as planned when Butch turns out to be a big bully and intimidates Hamton. Buster to the rescue as he helps Hamton learn how to handle a bully. When Hamton stands up to Butch, he learns that a bully only acts tough when he knows he can get away with it, so Hamton gives Butch a taste of his own medicine and Butch backs down. Finally, Fifi, who has been watching Hamton stand up to Butch, tells Hamton that he is so brave and congratulates Hamton with a kiss on the lips, making Hamton giggle and blush.
12 Code of Crime-Busting Wraparounds: Buster tells three stories on what crimebusting gumshoes do and how they get promoted to Sleuths.

  • Stoneheist: Dr. Splicer steals the Stonehenge, and only Fifi and Her trio of Her 3 beloveds, Calamity, Hamton and Furrball can stop Him.
  • The Chase is On!: Little Beeper is chosen to capture Arnold who stole the Eiffel Tower.
  • Totem Bites Back: Plucky and Shirley are sent to Hawaii to arrest Montana Max for stealing a totem pole, and after getting a warrant, with enough proof, Max is arrested and the twosome have their week off and ends with Plucky giving Shirley lemonade after he screamed like a little girl.
13 Rodgers and Hammerstein Day The toons pay tribute to the musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein by singing songs from those musicals.
14 Misunderstanding Concepts Wraparounds: Hamton narrates the episode "Misunderstanding Concepts".

  • Reigning Cats and Dogs: Realizing that he is a type of dog and that Furrball is a cat, Calamity decides to chase poor Furrball instead of the Beeper.
  • Surprise Attack: Thinking that Plucky's out to ask her out to a movie, Shirley beefs up security in her home when Plucky is really inviting Shirley to a party.
  • Buster's Balloon Platoon: Babs' little brother, Mortimer continuously throws water balloons, when Babs declares he'll stop Mortimer's fun, in the end, Buster was just trying to tell her he doesn't mind being pelted with water balloons.
15 Everyone's Not Perfecto An exchange student named Nathaniel, from Perfecto Prep, goes to Acme Loo because his classmates are too elitist and he wants to have real friends, so Buster makes him feel at home. at first, Nate gets underconfident, but soon the other students warm up to him. Then in a hockey game of Acme Vs. Perfecto, Nate convinces his older brother to disguise himself so he won't let his former classmates know his identity, and when his brother gets injured and seems like Acme Lost the first half, Nate stepped in to win the hockey game and make his final decision to stay at Acme Loo! Of course, it couldn't last long, because Nate is now a graduate, but will visit his friends at some free days.
16 Re-Return of the Acme Acres Zone Wraparounds: Buster and Babs narrates 3 tales of non-canon proportions.

  • Dizzy Dimension: Dizzy spins too fast which sends him in a pocket dimension where Acme Loo students are heartless elitists and perfecto prep students are like real Acme students. At first, Dizzy tries to return to his dimension, but starts to warm up to the alternate Perfecto Prep students and decides to bring them along to his own dimension, and the bad Prefecto Prep students into the pocket dimension.
  • Ice Cream Head Games: Calamity travels to Antarctica to search for the Ice Cream Mountains, but goes insane while searching, but it took Beeper to snap him out of it, and afterwards, Calamity finally finds it! But it turns out it was only a dream!
  • CAT Scam: After Furrball perfectly organizes an auction for himself and at a starting bid of a dime, he goes through a dream sequence and/or song prelude of being in a hospital.
17 Toon of Gold Wraparounds:

  • Wearing of the Green: Baby Plucky goes to Ireland to find a 4-leaf clover and a leprechaun, not for the pot of gold, but for luck all life long.
  • Hamburg Hamton: Hamton and his family have an adventure in Hamburg, Germany.
18 The Courtship of Fifi's Mommy and Daddy Fifi's parents tell Fifi the story of how they both met each other.
19 Artistic Dodgers Wraparounds: Plucky (a la Duck Dodgers) tells 3 tales of different Artistic talents and what good it might do.

  • Painting the Blues: Lonely Furrball finds a blue paint can and paints on cardboard boxes, trash cans and brickwalls which intrigues art lovers, but angers the other alley cats, until he outsmarts them out of Acme Acres, making the place with less stray animals.
  • The Surreal World: Gogo Dodo brings the gang to a mixed-color asrea of Wackyland. But Silas Wonder wants to get the Dodo again and tries to capture the toon because of their new irregular colors but failed miserably.
  • Scuttled Sculpter: Calamity Coyote makes a sculpture of his teacher, Wile E. Coyote, and later, the rest of the gang thinks it is fun and later, it soon goes out of hand with arguments, mudslinging, and mocking, so Calamity convinces his pals to give away the art to their respective teachers to end the fad.
20 Time Chase! Dr. Splicer uses a time machine to steal Science Equipment from the 70's to change the future for the worst and The Acme ToonNet must retrieve the equipment and fast.

Season 2Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
21 The Great Gatlinburg Adventure
  • Part 1: When their bus breaks down (and scammed by Snake Oil Salesmen.) in the hippie region somewhere in Gatlinburg, TN, the gang is desperate for some money to make to buy a new bus...
  • Part 2: With Calamity's money saving in combination of the others working at arcades, hotels, circuses, and amusement parks, they are slowly, but surely, getting more and more money like $7,000 and with $8,000 to go, Plucky finds a wanted poster of a criminal and the reward is $10,000. so Plucky goes off on his own to find the criminal.
  • Part 3: With Plucky missing, Shirley (with Babs and Fifi) try to find him, but they get captured by the same criminal and are about to white out the girls, but Plucky finally finds the criminal and alerts his pals to call the police and tries to keep the clown from whiting out the girls and getting away. After the clown was about to white out Plucky, the clown was already surrounded and got arrested not only for threatening toons' lives, but also for underpaying employees at his circus, and bad cooking and now that they have more than enough money, the Toons spend one last night in Gatlinburg in a circus where the excitement goes on all night, and once they get the new bus they go all the way to Acme Acres. as for the remaining $2,000 Plucky unselfishly gave it to Shirley, whom she put it in her savings and told the story to Looniversity teachers and students.
22 Game Toon Network Wraparounds: Buster and Calamity compete against Babs and the Beeper and are all hosts to dedications of America's greatest game shows, which they changes channels to different game shows.

  • Wheel of Torture: A Wheel of Fortune-related game show where Hamton, Plucky, and Furrball compete, and Furrball wins.
  • Stop the Clock: A Beat the Clock-related game show where Calamity and the Beeper are forced to partner up in a final round.
  • Push Your Luck: A Press Your Luck-related game show where Shirley, Plucky and the Perfecto Drake compete, but Plucky and Shirley win in a tie game.
  • Big Sister: A Big-Brother-related show where only girls participate and is Acme girls Vs. Perfecto girls. and the lone survivor of the show was Fifi because no one could withstand the smell.
23 World's Weirdest Formerly-Wrecked Restaurants Wraparounds: Plucky hosts the episode and how people with irregular locales have become great restaurants.

  • Split-Level One: Because of an earthquake, Hamton's home is split in half, and he must make money to fix it. but when other people are seeing its artistic design, Hamton decides to open a small taco stand to make the money and fixes the house thanks to the funds.
  • Hot Spot Yacht: Montana Max's yacht crashes into an volcano island full of natives, and once the natives left the island, and the volcano cooled off, Monty makes his yacht a restaurant from other islands and with enough money, Monty goes to an airport to take a one-way ticket back to Acme Acres.
  • Plain Plane Coyote: After an airplane crashlands one mile away from Acme Looniversity, Calamity Coyote fixes the plane but makes it more roomier, and opens it as a restaurant but the Beeper keeps trying to ruin everything, but to avoid being chased out by angry customers, Calamity hastily gives the restaurant to the Beeper, who is chased out.
24 Cross-Country Capers Wraparounds: Buster and the guys go on 3 cross-country adventures for some thrills.

  • Nice Geysers Finish Last: When the gang goes to Yellowstone National Park, Plucky accidentally falls inside one of the geysers face-first, and now Buster and the others must uncork Plucky from the geyser or Plucky's face before 6:00 pm which is Yellowstone's closing time and the geyser's (Which Plucky is in.) last eruption for the day.
  • Mexican Hat Slant: After reaching Mexico, Calamity requests getting souvenirs, and the gang go to bazarrs to buy some novelties, however, when Calamity realizes that Mexicans despise Coyotes, he wears a mask, but the secret didn't last long, but not before stopping a horse thief after being tripped up by the Beeper. Because of this good deed the mexicans now admire Calamity as a hero...
  • A Rabbit Ran Through It: Buster and his pals go to the Amazon River to see it's glory (after their car breaks down), but a safari hunter wants to cross it for his selfish reasons, which is hunting for animals. and after capturing the bad hunter, Buster and his pals get a one-way ticket back to Acme Acres.
25 Arcade Calvacade Warparounds: The Tiny Toons gang wonder if their life were like a video game.

  • Rushing into Action: A music video of Rush's Tom Sawyer starring Buster and Babs while they try to escape Montana Max's rocks.
  • Race Face Ace: Plucky, Calamity, Shirley, and Furrball try to beat Perfecto's four racers in a race like on Mario Kart.
  • Royal Royale: In a Super Smash Bros related episode it is a All-Boy tournament between Perfecto's brutes and Acme's Posse, and when the last Acme Looniversity player was about to be staged out, Babs and the girls intervene to win for Acme Looniversity.
26 Illnesses Cat Style Wraparounds: Furrball's sick. However, Buster shows 3 cartoons while he waits for Furrball to get well.

  • Sneezing Attack!: Furrball is at school when he suddenly develops a sneezing fit. Sylvester thinks he is sick, and Furrball is sick after all. When he goes home, he tells Mary all about it. She does cure it...eventually.
  • Cartoon Cat: Furrball is studying the wonders of E=MC2. But when he opens the window, he suddenly catches a cold. When he gets home, he thinks of making some cartoons while he is sick. The cartoons help him get better as he watches them repeatly.
  • Sneezer's Conclusion: Furrball and Sneezer are comunicating with each other as usual, and Sneezer sneezes on Furrball, and he has caught a cold. Furrball decides to babysit Sneezer to get well.
27 CrimeNet Capers Wraparounds: Buster and the gang as Acme Agents try to save the world from the Elite Eight and their leader, Lime Nine.

  • Bubble Gumshoes: Before school ends for the week, a Psychopath named Bubba Gum tries to gum up the place and after Bugs captures him he informs the students to find the rest of the Elite Eight all over the world and capture their leader, Lime Nine.
  • Transylvanian Terrors: Dizzy Devil goes to Transylvania to arrest Jaqueline Hyde for Graverobbing and using said body parts for the ultimate thief.
  • Fat Chance!: Buster and Babs go to Monaco and tries to find a fat gambler named Fat E. Acid accused of dine and dash 68 times.
  • Guitars, Kleptos, and Country Music: Hamton and his Family go to Nashville, Tennessee. For Hamton, it's because he wants to capture the Klepto, Cyril Unrest, but for his parents, the GMA Music Awards.
  • Taking the Castle: Elmyra goes to Japan to participate in a game show called Castle Climb, and faces against the criminal whom she's supposed to capture: Empress Ive who cheats in game shows. Elmyra succeeds both and wins a free trip to Africa.
  • Detroit Deceit: Calamity and the Beeper go to Detroit to capture the Monopoly Man, C. Nick Industry.
  • City of Bright Colors: Fifi and Furrball go to Paris to arrest a spray painter who is graffiting the Eiffel Tower named Incan Paint.
  • Spots Off A Leopard: From where we left Elmyra, she buys a leopard costume and inadvertently find the last of the Elite Eight, Mug Whomp Flats, accused of threatening 6 endangered species.
  • The Final Chase: After interrogation by the gang, the eight criminals (Cyril Unrest just tells the toons smiling.) say that Lime Nine is somewhere in Acme Acres. And it turns out that Ms. Lime Nine is in fact, a fruit!

This is a 90-minute episode.

28 Acme Acres Zone 4.0 Wraparounds: In the Twilight Zone-related episode, Buster and Babs tell 3 stories of scary proportions.

  • Real Kids Detest Spinach: Detective Buster is back and this time He tries to find one of Babs' Droids which escaped from the Computer virus and slowly kidnaps all the detectives who got too nosy, and all the weirder, a new restaurant called Hamburg Hamburgers opens and serves customers wearing these weird hats, Spinach Burgers. making the owner of the place the Droid. after Buster got knocked unconscious by the droid, the evil droid tells buster that while His restaurant was open, He'd place metallic hats on people and the kidnapped detectives, but in a last ditch effort, Buster activate the fire alarm. a noise so loud it overloaded the helmets, destroying them. as for the droid, He is drenched by the fire sprinklers, making Him short-circuit and explode. in the end, Buster returns with the destroyed droid and gives it to Babs. then, the kidnapped detectives come to the office and request that They become Buster's proteges.
  • Night at the Circus: Acme Looniversity and Perfecto Prep go to the Barrel and Berry Circus and what They don't know is that the Owner of the Circus has a very dark Secret. and that's He is a Ghost and that the Performers are Zombies and the Ghost is planning to rule the world usiing excitement. and in the end, the Ghost is gone, the Zombies go back to their Graves, and the Perfecto students are Performers for their own Circus. and Buster let's Babs tear down the Circus tent making Babs feel better.
  • Carnivorous Beeper: After failing to catch the Beeper, again, Calamity tries to think of a new plan. before He can finish His blueprints, Calamity fall asleep and it starts with Calamity dreaming that He is preparing a trap for the Beeper, when the Beeper got snared, (finally) and Calamity starting to approach Him, the Beeper goes ballistic, starts to foam at the mouth, and tries to bite Calamity. When the beeper gulped Calamity's Right shoe, He develops a taste for Coyote. and When the Beeper finally corners Calamity, the Coyote wakes up from the nightmare and tears up His blueprint having a new fear of the Beeper, making the Beeper Bewildered.
29 The Evolution of Furrball Wraparounds: Taking a break from Buster and Babs, we see what life is like for Furrball improving. As he freezes the cartoon with a remote to speak directly to the viewer, with no one else noticing him breaking the fourth wall.

  • My Destructive Best Friend: Ever since the baseball incident, Dizzy and Furrball have hung out sometimes. Furrball freezes the scene to tells us this and how Dizzy and he share their love to eat, but not to the same amount or diet. Dizzy embarasses him when Dizzy eats everyone's lunch, complaining to the weak Furrball. However, Fifi surprisingly stands up for him. As she walks past him, he blushes and remains silent. He freezes the scene again and tells us he's been in love with her since the time the paint was down his back. The problem is the he's too shy, she's too boy crazy, she has a home and if she likes someone that much, her smell gets worse. First through second period, Dizzy destroys Bugs's class and the gymnasium. Third: he ruins Porky's props and leaves Hampton's stuff a wreck. Lunch, Dizzy eats all but some stuff he left for Furrball, which makes everyone go after him... He freezes and tells us he wishes he could keep it frozen, but Spielberg says Coraci wants it back without more than half the battery used up. Fourth to Sixth were Hell, as he hides from a mob of angry students and then he tells us this is a common school day for him nowadays, actually this was better, last time Montana Max shaved him when Dizzy ate his allowance. When the school finds him and prepares to get payback, Dizzy steps in and saves the day for him. Furrball is thankful he has at least one friend he can depend on. They awalk together to a pizzeria.
  • My Stinky Love: Though he fears her stench, the young cat is in love with Fifi Le Fume. Sneaking to her junkyard, he peeps through a hole to see her doing her hair. His tail acts like an erection while his heart start pounding out of his chest. But he sighs, as she'd never go for his type. He leans on the fence, without noticing the wet paint sign and walks around with the white stripe. While Fifi grooms herself, with the absence of a true boyfriend since Hampton broke her heart, he had issues with the junkyard, she sees the striped Furrball and prepares herself even more. Wandering nowhere, Furrball freezes again and looks at us. He asks himself why can't he at least try to ask her out, get laughed at and run away forever. He goes through silly scenes similar to Beast Boy from an episode of Teen Titans: First a muscular Furrball asking to go see a movie. Then he comes dressed in a french outfit with a rose in his mouth. Third, he comes dressed like a greaser with a motorcycle. Fourth, he comes in a suit and says "Ball, Furrball". After that, he uses puppy eyes. Finally he whines "please" with rain pouring. Finally he unfreezes and continues with his moping, when a sexy voice asks him out. He looks around to see none other than Fifi, then he loses his self control in cartoony "in love" gestures. As they embrace each other, Furrball notices that she begins to smell even more putrid. Realizing he's got another stripe, he's forced to make a run for it as his cat nose is too sensitive to the smell. Hiding in the park, he freezes and speaks to us on how he'd love this if she didn't think he was a skunk and made an even worse smell. He looks around, when suddenly a big tail pulls him in. She holds him tight, and as he tries to break free, she kisses him several times on the lips, making him dizzy in love. Still, he tries to make a break for it and gets out. Hiding in the lake, he searches for her but is safe from her smell. However, she pulls him into the water and administers "CPR". Furrball makes one more attempt to hide from her at the docks, her he finds something to scrape the paint off. Fifi comes after him but before she gets a hold of him, she falls into the water after slipping on some, hitting her head on the support beams and gets knocked out. Furrball gets the paint off, but when he sees her drowning, he's forced to face his fears to save her. When he gets her out, she awakens, but sees he has no stripe. At first he is a bit heartbroken. But realizing he saved her life, she embraces him and gives him a french kiss. He finally works up some courage, when she instantly asks if he wants to see a movie next week. He happily agrees. She walks home and thinks to herself she thinks Furrball is cute. He freezes and tells the viewer this was such a great date... then he faints, with hearts coming out of his thoughts.
  • Read or Right: Furrball's grades are slipping, so he has to read. But because he can't speak so well unless it were to the viewer, he has to try his best to learn how to speak. He goes to Shirly, who blasts his brain with words, but nothing. He goes to Fifi, but her accent makes it tough, along with her kissing him. He goes to Elmyra, who is too stupid to learn from. He goes to Calamity, who does a helmet that blasts his brain, but nothing... Furrball pouts his way home, when he reads a book and must force himself to speak. He just meows until he tries saying his name. He goes "rao-mao... mao maool... fao ball... Furrball... Furrball!" "M...M-My n-na-nnnn-na-ame i-i-s-is Furrball! My name is Furrball!" He starts reading his book and happily dances around that he can finally talk perfectly! He looks at the viewer and says that he doesn't need to be the same luckless cat he's always been, if he can have at least one friend, be defended by, save and date the girl he secretly loves and learn to talk, then all he needs is some positive attitude and try to improve his own life than just be a simple coward and decides to mail remote back. Meantime, he asks the audience if they wondered where Buster and Babs are... it turns out they've been in the hospital because some carrots that Furrball gave them tasted funnt and they got sick sometime later...
30 Double-Title Showcase Wraparounds:

  • Good-bye Mr. Chip or Computer Calamity: The Computers in Acme Acres go berserk and only Calamity Coyote can shut down the bad computers.
  • Furry problems or Fur-Off Confusion?: Gotcha Grabmore kidnaps all the Acme students, and Only Elmyra can save them from becoming trophies and fur coats.
  • Spacing Out or Moon Goons: Perfecto Prep and Acme Loo compete in a space Race to the Moon but Perfecto Prep is determined to cheat to get to the moon.
31 Rhapsody in the Blues In the Winter, Calamity Coyote (As an Artist with Artist's block.), Furrball (As someone who tries to get a partnership with anyone in Acme Acres.), the Beeper (as a Cashier who tries to seek thrills in His life.), and Elmyra (As a girl who wants to find true love.) go through some adventures in Acme Acres with the Music of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. (Silent Cartoon, including the Making of the Cartoon. (Special Guest: Barry Carl from Rockapella.)
32 Loon-atic! Wraparounds: Buster guides us through three stories of him, when Babs has Shirley turn him to stone so that they could host stories about those who cross Shirley and her powers

  • A Mile in my Paws: When Elmyra pesters Shirley too much, she sends Elmyra into a planet where the aliens treat her the same way she treats animals...
  • For Love... For Magic: When Furrball tries to eat some of Shirley's small bird friends, she gives him a spell that causes Fifi to see him as a skunk!
  • Fowl Magic: Furrball won't leave Shirley alone, so she uses spell that takes his voice away!
33 Love in the Louvre Furrball (as an Artist) goes to the Louvre to draw Himself and a Girl as different Animals on canvas, and selects Fifi until He realizes He chosen a skunk and when the place is closed, how will Furrball escape?
34 Occupation Sensation! Wraparounds:

  • Pizza the Action!: Furrball needs money when he decides that he must buy is his own home, so he gets a job at a pizzeria. After learning he has an amazing skill to cook, he decides to make the restaraunt his home and get paid with mostly food. Furrball keeps his job.
  • Gadget Trap: When Calamity is trapped in the electronics section of a megastore that goes awry, he gets a job as a repairman for his expertese.
  • A Job Hare and There: Buster looks for a job he can deal with.
35 The Toonful World Of Music Wraparounds: Buster Bunny explores the world of music and teaches youngsters how music can be important in our lives. Thus, the special is divided into several segments:

  • Melody: Buster has 4,000 bottles with colored water in each one. Depending on how much water there is in each one of them, they each have a different note. Using his special machine which blows air into the bottles, Buster demonstrates how you can make a melody.
  • Rhythm: Special guest Aretha Franklin demonstrates rhythm by leading the toons and us in a round of "We Will Rock You".
  • Dance: Buster and Babs teach us how to dance by leading us in a special dance routine.
  • Songs About Anything, and Then Some: Buster shows us that songs can be about anything.
  • Music and Feelings: Special guest Yo Yo Ma plays his cello to show us how we can use music to express our feelings.
  • Musicals: An extended look at how songs make a musical.
  • Grande Finale: All the toons put a big musical finale, telling us goodbye.
36 Monaco Mania Wraparounds: Babs drags Buster through Three Monaco adventures the other Toons went through.

  • Freaky Fireworks: Shirley takes Plucky to the International Fireworks Festival and someone is trying to cancel it. but thanks to Plucky, He stopped the psychopath! but gave the credit to Shirley.
  • Not-so-Grand Prix: Calamity races the Beeper in the Monoco Grand Prix, and despise a bad start, Calamity beats the Beeper by an ear!
  • Wacky Wix and Wacks: Gogo Dodo goes to the Waxworks Museum and after staying too long after closing time, He finds Himself face to face with a Wax Thief.
37 The ACME World of Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper A Fan supplies various ideas for Calamity to finally trap the Beeper. up to 15 (the first 14 are of the "As If" Super-Computer, and the 15th is for real.) Plans for Calamity to Try. and If 7 or more of the Fan's invention's works for Calamity, The Fan would get to be in the Calamity Coyote's Genius Hall of Fame.
38 Acme Acres Zone: Epsilon Edition Wraparounds: Buster and Babs host the Next Acme Acres show and tells Three Scary tales.

  • Grave Mistake: After Furrball and Calamity Oversleep in Class from 3 to 9 pm, The Twosome must escape the Looniversity, Then the Acme Acres Graveyard, then on Their way home. The Both succeed,
  • Redux of Detective Buster: Detective Buster is back, and tries to locate one of Ms. Babs' escaped Droids from stealing and turning the Cheese Steak Sandwiches into Celery-Cucumber Sandwiches. and get this, the Droid actually tried to kill off Ms. Babs! and when the rest of the Droids captured Buster and put Him in a cage with other detectives, the Droids Disguise themselves and When Buster told the robots they made a big mistake, He threw a 3 Inch Rock at the fire alarm causing the sprinkler systems to go off, drenching and short-circuiting all the robots. moral: Real Kids only eat celery with Peanut butter and raisins.
  • Strange Saturday: Before an Exam of Speed (For Calamity.) and Brains, (For Beeper.) Calamity makes a deal with the Beeper and uses the brain switch machine to complete the exams, they both excelled, and both went back to normal, but not for long. when Saturday came, Calamity (In Beeper's Body) and Beeper (in Calamity's Body) realize that They have it hard, so in this episode only occasion They become friends.
39 School Clubbed Wraparounds: Elmyra tells three tales of School Clubs and what drawbacks they might have.

  • Too Fit to Print: In Journalism Week at Acme Loo, Shirley (a Journalist) with Her partner Plucky (a Photographer) try to make a hard hitting report, but when Shirley is sent for scandals, everything falls apart.
  • Initiation Instigation: After School was done for the day Concord sleepwalks to a Cult treating any bird a royalty, and to prove Himself, Concord passes all the tests, however, before He woke up, He called the police to bust the said Cult.
  • Activity Time: Calamity endeavors to arrange an After-School Field Activity for His Crossword Crew. (There are only 6 members and are, Furrball, Concord, Dizzy, Banjo Possom, Fifi, and Himself.)
40 Easy Heroes Wraparounds: Buster and Plucky tells Three stories on How there are Heroes every day on the day.

  • Creeps in the Concord: Concord the Condor goes on a Concorde Plane to go on a free trip to Hawaii, but a small group of Hijackers try to take over the Plane. luckily, thanks to Concord's cluelessness, The Hijacking was stopped. and Concord finally went to Hawaii as promised.
  • Stock Shock: When Plucky is about to enter a Stock Market, He sees that someone has just stole the Whole Market! can Plucky with the help of Fowlmouth, save the Stock Market?
  • I Only Have Lice for You: When Acme Looniversity is overrun by a million Lice sent by Perfecto Prep, can Furrball and Calamity Coyote can get rid of the Lice, or will the Lice Wipe out the whole School and the students along with it?

Season 3Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
41 Fifi in Romanceland In this parody of "Alice in Wonderland", Fifi walks through an enchanted mirror where she ends up in a world where everything is romance. In her happiest luck yet, she is even having romance with Hamton J. Pig!
42 15 Toons on a Dead Guy's Ship After a Film about the History of Pirates ended on Friday, The Acme Students go to Acme Lake on what to do for a Weekend Activity, and Buster testifies to become Play Pirate, of Course, due to a lucky thing happening to Plucky when He won an Old Pirate Ship in a Raffle. and when Night Came, only these characters came, (and Their Role).
43 That Really Hurts! Wraparounds: Plucky teaches us the bad things if You Hurt someone's feelings.

  • Banana-Nose Beeper: After Little Beeper pranks His fellow students with His Joke Book, His Friends start to call Him Banana Nose, which makes Beeper think about dropping out of Acme Loo to escape His tormentors.
  • Some People have No Taste: After Babs unknowingly insults Buster of His Taste, Buster loses His taste for carrots.
  • Hospitalized: After Shirley accidentally broke Plucky's Leg in a Dodgeball game, and lands Him in the hospital, She tries to sneak inside the Hospital without being seen so She can apologize to Plucky for what's happened.
44 Fairies and Genies On their way to Wackyland, Buster and Babs run into two fairy sisters named Star and Sparkle, who want to be a part of the Acme Loo Talent Show. Along the way, they meet Gem, a genie who prefers to grant wishes to good people instead of greedy people. When Monty kidnaps them, it's up to Buster and Babs to save their two magical friends.
45 How I Spent My Autumn Break at Home Wraparounds: These tales show on what the gang's adventures went after the Summer Vacation adventure.

  • Buster and Babs' Story: The Duo's Pursuers from the From the first Vacation return and they want to capture the twosome for various reasons, even if They have to tear up Acme Acres to do it, of course, the Gators wonder if it's worth finding Buster...
  • Fifi's Story: a Disheartened Fifi organizes a Game show where She can choose a boyfriend to take for a free trip to Acme Land. in the end, She selects Furrball and takes Him to Acme Land as promised. Furrball at first, tried to break free, but when He accidentally fell on His nose, it became less sensitive and He went with Fifi. afterward, at a Halloween Social, Fifi (as a Raccoon) and Furrball (as a Disco Vampire) dance the night away...
  • Plucky and Shirley's Story: Shirley drags Plucky to the Pumpkin Wagon to get a Big Pumpkin that's 2 Feet Tall. but they must escape the angry Pumpkin seller who keeps jacking up the prices, then when all seems lost, the angry customers beat up the heartless seller, and after they were done, The twosome grab The big pumpkin and they make a run for the Halloween party.
  • Buster and Babs' Story (Part Two): The Rabbits try to make Their escape through a Graveyard, but the pursuers corners the twosome. but thanks to Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance, The Pursuers run away screaming. (Except the Gators.) Buster and Babs go to the Halloween Social to celebrate.
46 Thieves of the Day Wraparounds: Plucky in a America's Most Wanted-like show, tells Three tales of how the Tiny Toons captured the criminals and brought back said loot.

  • If it Ain't Baroque, Don't Filch It: while Elmyra is enjoying Her time in the Palace of Versailles, some High-Class Thieves steal the palace with Elmyra with it! but what will happen when Elmyra encounters the thieves?
  • El Ca-Steel-O: Gotcha Grabmore Steals the El Castillo Pyramid to lure unsuspecting Tapirs to Their fur-less fates, but can Calamity Coyote (reluctantly with Beeper's) stop Her?
  • 20th Century Rats: Roderick and Rhubella Rat steal the Filmmaker's Monument, but Will Buster and Babs steal the monument back?
47 Eccentric Tales Wraparounds: Buster and Babs tell Three stories of How Irregular Individuals Can be a great thing in the world.

  • Wintery Love: Furrball is trying to find some warmth in the Acme Streets, and When His back touches White paint, Fifi La Fume is on Her way! the chase went on and in the end, When the twosome fall off a cliff with a ski each, Furrball Hugged Fifi very tightly out of despair. and how did They survive? Fifi used a parachute to safely land.
  • The Raving Lunatic: A Psychopathic Young Adult is causing a panic in Acme Loo Throwing papers Saying "Begone Evil Spirit!" in Japanese writing, and Air horning students. the Reason Why He does it? it's because He doesn't want to face the Bad students from another school who treat Him like garbage and only wanted to get back at them somehow.
  • Cheesesteak Calamity: After Little Beeper eats a Cheesesteak, He realizes that He wants every one of His pals to have some Cheesesteaks too, but When He sees Calamity, He decides to give the first Cheesesteak sandwich His pursuer, but When Calamity sees and thinks it is poisoned, The Hunter becomes the hunted. in the end Calamity just gives up and takes a small bite, when He finds it tasty, He's only eating in small bites. then after completing the task, Beeper zips to Acme Acres and gives everyone a cheesesteak sandwich. What do U think?
48 How to Be a Psychopath Wraparounds: Buster tells Three tales of how good-natured people go crazy.

  • Hurricane Hamton: After watching a Movie about Hurricanes, Hamton thinks one is coming to Acme Acres.
  • Overactive Imagination: Gogo Dodo is sent to the Asylum and only Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Shirley can break Him out before He fades (again).
  • Hawaiian Holdup: Calamity is working too hard on His studies, so Wile E. Coyote sends Him to Hawaii for some rest, but the Beeper isn't going to let Him have the time of Day.
49 Wacko World of Winter Sports (Unlikely Partners) Wraparounds: This tells the story how sometimes Odd teams of two or more can accomplish anything.

  • Skate-Birds: When Buster and Babs have injuries before the Skating Competition, Shirley partners up with Plucky to win back the Skate Rink from Perfecto Prep, or the Rink will be wiped out.
  • Silly Spectators: During a Hockey Game Between Acme and Perfecto (Whom are cheating yet again), Concord Condor and Little Beeper become pals.
  • Garage Hockey: When the Ice was starting to melt, the Toons (Well, actually Calamity) invent the game Garage Hockey where Trash Cans are Goals, and Soda Cans are Pucks. but emotions go ballistic when Shirley made a Remark that Girls are better than Boys. so Plucky competes against Her. and in the End, it was a draw!
50 K-ACME TV 2 Wraparounds: Buster and Babs restart K-ACME TV with new programs. 

  • You Will get Wet: A Ship of Pirates capture Dizzy, But When They drench poor Dizzy in Water, They're asking for trouble!
  • Not-so-safe Bird Sanctuaries: when 2 Predators (Calamity and Furrball) get booted out of the Sanctuary by a Guard, They Throw a Grenade at the sanctuary, the Birds inside are roasted, and the Guard gets what He deserves. a Good Punch in the Face!
  • High Authority Concentration: In this Parody of Concentration, Roderick Rat, Danforth Drake, and Bledsoe Brabant compete against Rhubella Rat, Margot Mallard, and Bertha Bovine.
  • Medieval Woman: In this parody of ELO's Evil Woman, the Boys are chased by a Mob of Girls while they sing the Song. 
  • Ninja-Journey Intro: in this Skit, the Toons in Ninja Outfits try Various Ninja Techniques like Cloning, Shapeshifting, Running on Water, Swinging on Ropes, and making Smokescreens, and running into the Night.
  • Burn and Break Circus: The Perfectoids dress as Clowns and perform various Tricks to make the Adience Cheer. They Succeed anyway.
  • Pull the Chain!: Furrball, Calamity, Beeper, Gogo, and Concord pull a Chain on Who They want to Imprison and are Byron, Owner of ACME Ind, an Ostrich, a Person from the FCC, and an Owl.
  • Minimum Security Prism: Someone who hates Color steals the Rainbows from the Waterfalls, and only Babs and Buster can stop Him.
  • Calamity's Invention Gallery: Calamity Shows off His5 Inventions, but Beeper has other plans to use Them...
51 New Student Bunny Babs falls for the new student in school which is also a Rabbit, Buster is totally jealous that Babs is crushing on someone new but he wont admit it, Plucky gets him too because he know he is, so Buster trying to sabotage their relationship and when buster sees Babs crying because he broke up with her, he tried to fix it just so she can be happy, as Buster finally realizes how he really feels about her.
52 Adventures in Happy World Land Wraparounds: The Tiny toon gang get the opportunity to all attend the amusement park Plucky couldn't enjoy that once summer, only for more mayhem to occur

  • Bittersweet Victory: Plucky finally gets to enjoy the amusement park, but the events he goes through makes him regret it.
  • Speed Bumper: Calamity messes with the bumper cars to help him get the edge on Beeper.
  • Tunnel of Love:A mishap on an unfinished ride leaves Furrball with a stripe that immediately gets Fifi to come after him.
53 Furrball and Fifi's Last Adventure Series finale. Furrball goes to the Acme City dump to find some fishheads, and what He didn't count on was He was in Fifi's domain, and Flinched when He saw Fifi, of course, She just says "bonjour, Cat." and just got past Him. and When Elmyra came, Fifi ran back to Her home, and When Elmyra told Furrball where the skunk went, Furrball told Her She's in the Mall. after Elmyra went on, Fifi witnesses it and wants to thank Furrball. and when He decides to leave, Furrball slips on a skate, slamming His nose against a fence, and crashed against a single stick with white paint on His back, knocking Him unconscious. and After Fifi recognized Furrball as the 'Skunk' from "Aroma Amore", She brings the unconscious cat to Her Cadillac Home, while Furrball was asleep, He dreamt of Him dancing with Fifi in a Tango. After Furrball wakes up, it was 7 pm, She sees Fifi and realized He can't smell the bad smell, because His nose broke thanks to crashing into the fence face-first, which makes Furrball start to take a liking to Fifi. However, the S.C.A. (Squeaky Clean Association) have come to capture every Skunk in the world. and since there's 2, (Fifi and Furrball because His paint stripe is still on His back.) the S.C.A. agents detain the two and carries them off to a Military base Where Skunks are kidnapped, which Furrball and Fifi deviate a plan to free the skunks and get back to Acme Acres. They succeed (thanks to Furrball's less than sensitive nose) and after all the skunks exit the laboratory which exploded. Furrball and Fifi return to Acme Acres and soon after a few days, Furrball confesses His newfound love for Fifi and Fifi lovingly wraps Her tail between the twosome as Furrball does the same with Furrball finally finding a home and it's with Fifi.

  • Epilog: The Acme Looniversity newspaper makes a headline of Furrball and Fifi as a Couple. with pictures of Fifi's Home, Fifi holding Furrball's hand when they were coming out, and the last picture is Fifi Hugging and kissing Furrball's lips.
Culinary Chaos Wraparounds - The Toons learn what’s great about food, not just about getting stuffed but also what food is really about.
  • No Beep Beep, just Sheep - Calamity Coyote decides to break off on chasing Beeper and instead targets some sheep guarded by Saul Sheepdog.
  • Food for Naught - Elmyra tries to feed Furrball the wrong foods, like chocolate, Onions, and grapes, but Furrball runs to avoid death by the wrong foods.
  • Eating Contest - Little Beeper competes with roadrunners from other schools in a Bird Seed Eating contest.

Special SeasonEdit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
54 The Dizzy and Richard Month: The Tasmanian Devils

A Megamix / Tribute of September Month with Dizzy and Richard and all Tiny Toons characters celebrating The Tasmanian Devil Month (by winning Dizzy Devil on September Tiny Toons Character Month

October 1st, 2014