Love Barf is a fanon episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


A Date for Fifi- Fifi enters a game show hosted by Buster and Babs on who should date her. The 1st contestents are Furrball, Plucky, Calamity, Beeper and Montana Max. They are rejected and Fifi picks Hamton to be her date.

The Bet- Plucky and Hamton dare Calamity to date Mary Melody on Friday and if he does not kiss her the coyote will have to go to school in a diaper. Calamity was able to take Mary out but the plan does not work and he goes to school in a diaper and Beeper is the only one who makes fun of him.


This episode only includes two segments.

This episode was the first time Calamity spoke (in The Bet).

Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit makes a cameo in A Date For Fifi.