Mary melody
Mary Melody is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears occasionally on the show. Mary is voiced by Cree Summer, who also voices Elmyra Duff (although in her debut episode, Furrball Follies, she is voiced by Cindy McGee) and Paris Berlec (season 4-5 and tv movie)

episodes [season 4]

shirley's aura [cameo while screaming]

victorious crossover special

the ghost

colors of ravoon [cameo while gasping]

curse of shirley the loon [2008] [cameo]

the ghost whip [news reporter/trina vega]

tourtament of elements special [cameo wearing mishap/tourtament outfit]

tiny toons meets ninjago [cameo wearing a techno ghost warrior outfit]


tiny toons the amazing three [2015] [mini game find ghost shirley trapped in five nights at freddy's mini game]

tiny toons; fairhaven school te puke [2013] [mini game find shirley the loon as raven]

Unpack your adjectives Tiny Toon Adventures giantess Mary Melody and Calamity Coyote

A giantess Mary Melody looks down at Calamity Coyote