Ned and Ted Felineious are two new characters who first was introduce in the season 7 finale episode New Kids from the Unknown. They are voiced by Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell


Ned and Ted Felineious are twin fraternal who,one look like a cat and the other is a skunk (but without the stink) one day while in school, Both Ned and Ted were given admission to tranfor from their school in Theevllie to Acme Loo in Acme Acres, and of course they chose to go. However to protect their secret of their interspecies appearance, they both wear Hazmat suit that cover their whole body and face.


Ned FelineiousEdit

Ned is shown to be a anthropomorphic black fur cat with a white fur belly. he also sport a white short sleeve collar shirt and short blue pants. however to hid him and Ted's secret, he worn a white hazmat with the letter "N" on him.

Ted FelineiousEdit

Ted is to be a anthropomorphic black skunk with a white stripe and with a white fur belly. He also sports a dark red T-Shirt with tan shorts. however to him and Ned's secret, he worn a white  hazmat with the letter "T" on him.


Ned and Ted grew up in the town of Theeville with a Skunk for a father name Ed and a cat for a mother name Sasha. Ned is known as  the #1 smartest guy in school while Ted was known as the coolest guy in school because of all the pranks he pull and a great sport player. Also it is shown that Both of them are great martial artists as their father trained them since they were 4. One Day after school, Both Ned and Ted were called into the prinicpal office and was told that they were accepted to attend Acme Lo in Acme Acres. At first Ted didn't want to leave because they don't want to leave their home and their friends. However Ned solve that problem; Ned created a Tranporter that will allow both Ned and Ted to travel from their town to Acme Acres so they won't leave their friends and their parents can still keep their jobs. On the night before, Ed told Ned and Ted that to protect their identities, Both Ned and Ted must wear twin white hazmat suits when they attend the school. The next morning as they were about to transport, the entire town began singing a goodbye song call "Let them Go" in which just as they were about to leave, Ted was given a goodbye kiss from his Girlfriend Felicia Feline (a cat) while Ned was given a hand shake by is former rival Seymour (a dog).