The Tiny Toon Channel Plucky Duck and Buster Bunny are watching television. As they turned on the channel with the 3-hour marathon of the funny cartoon, Tim and Jimmy (a parody of Tom and Jerry) only to find out that they realized they watched the last cartoon of the marathon. Plucky suggested they should watch a different channel. But when he changed the channel to a Wile E. Coyote cartoon, Buster said that he saw that one before. He also had already seen  a news report on raining cats and dogs sideways and a buying channel. Plucky was wierded out by a man smashing overcooked meatloaf on his face. Then he changes a channel to how you get $1,000 cash prizes by just opening a bottle of cola. Buster takes the remote and changes the channel to The Pencil Channel, which has pencil related programs. Plucky's TV had 100,000 channels and nothing good was on. Buster phoned Calamity to see what's good on TV. But Calamity flipped through 900 channels which weren't good today and his thumb ached in the process. Buster Bunny suggested that they should make their own channel with cool shows and/or programs. They got help from Toons like Babs, Hamton, Gogo, Byron, and others. The new channel ATC, the Acme Television Company. Gogo launches the channel with the Wacky Color Bars Security Broadcast Emergency System. The first program aired was Cooking with Plucky and Shirley. The Toons made other programs including Acme Acres' Silliest Home Videos (with Buster Bunny as the host showcasing funny clips like crazy animals.), Toon Music Television, and The Toon Talk Show with Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation). They made the channel even more awesome with an action series called Bunny Cop. The channel was a sucess! And the Toons enjoyed every minute of their programs.
Toon Paparazzi

Buster, Babs, Hamton, and Plucky were excited. Tommorow evening is the new episode of Toons with Talent. Tonight's episode is the contest for the most famous Toon and the shocking snapshot secret of TV star Danforth Drake. Buster, Plucky, and Hamton were sure Montana Max was going to win like every year. But there was a surprise. The TV host, Foghorn Leghorn, could see that the winner was... Buster Bunny! The Toons cheered and clapped, while Max sulked in fury. He could not believe Buster won. But one of the judges, Porky Pig, whispered to Leghorn who the real winner was. And it was Montana Max! Buster, Plucky, and Hamton were upset. Babs decided to go home. Then Danforth's shocking secret appeared on TV. The television said that Danforth Drake was caught kissing his love, Margot Mallard, in his hot tub. Buster had an idea. They should take photos of Montana Max doing something that would shock the public. Buster, Plucky, and Hamton, with Babs Bunny's help, spied on Max waiting for him to do a disgraceful act. Just when they thought it didn't work. They spotted Max taking the Mona Lisa from  Acme Art Museum. Buster and Plucky snapped 5 photos of Max, but the police congratulated him for stopping the crook from stealing the painting. This made the Toons very angry. Hamton had an idea. They should go meet Arnold at Montana Max's mansion. Arnold was cooking steak for himself. He whispered the most disgraceful and shocking thing that Max would ever do. Buster propped up a bike in a nearby parking lot. Babs painted arrows throughout the town to a cliff... which leads to a big muddy pond, The Toons hopped in a car, Buster got his camcorder out, and started filming as soon as Montana Max was in sight. Max was walking by and spotted the bicycle with a sign telling him to ride it, which leads to a high speed chase. The Toons drove their car to the cliff, where Max has a terrible accident. The next Thursday evening, they posted the video of Max losing his balance on the bike, riding up a cliff, and rides too fast downhill and lands in the mud. Buster was happy to be the winner.

Our Toony Looney Movie Plucky was amazed that Steven Speilberg made awesome movies like Jaws and E. T.  Buster and Babs suggested that they should make their own movie with the other Toons of Acme Looniversity. The movie would be titled, The Adventures of Toons with the tagline Where no Toon has ever went before. Buster, Babs, and Plucky had lots of actors for the movie, including, Hamton, Gogo, Calamity, Dizzy, Montana Max, and Bugs Bunny. The cameraman was Pepe Le Pew and the director was Daffy Duck. Before they started filming, Calamity wrote the script for the movie. Later, Daffy started filming the movie. In the filming of the first scene where Buster introduces himself and his friends, he gets the lines wrong until Take 50. At Scene 29, Buster, Plucky, Babs, and Hamton climb up the tall mountain with a rope which Calamity was hoisting up. Suddenly, the rope snapped and Buster and his friends fall down the mountain, but land on a large white safety cushion. Daffy got upset at that take. When he was about to do another one, Porky Pig noticed that the lens cap was left on the camera during that take. Daffy got really upset, threw his director equipment away and stormed off to his house. Porky felt sorry. He decided that he should be the director. Three months later, the movie was ready to be shown.