Wraparounds Buster and Babs are hosting this episode from the Acme Acres Pet Show.
The Dog Race Buster and Babs take Byron Basset to the dog race. The other contestants at the dog show are Montana Max and Arnold and Elmyra and Barky Marky. Elmyra hugs Barky Marky very hard before the race starts. The dogs were off! Byron runs fast to get in front of the other dogs. Montana Max is riding Arnold and uses a whip to make him go faster. Barky Marky is running away from Elmyra, who gets taken out of the race tracks by security. Buster and Babs encourage Byron to go faster, and as they do, Byron goes even faster, and faster, and faster, until he starts flying with his ears. Barky Marky, Montana Max, and Arnold are shocked as Byron flies to the finish line.
Speak, Furrball, Speak! Hamton is teaching Furrball new tricks. He taught him how to beg, waggle his tail, leap over furniture, eat dinner, watch TV, and fix the pipes. Furrball is doing great with learning tricks, so Hamton decides to have Furrball try a new trick: talk. Hamton shows Furrball the "TALK" card, but as Furrball tries to read the card, the only thing that came out was a "meow". Hamton was disappointed that Furrball couldn't read the card, but thinks he could try something else. Hamton shows Furrball an article on the newspaper and sees if he can read that. Furrball was only saying the article in meows. Hamton shows Furrball some alphabet soup that spells out "cat", but Furrball eats all of the soup. Hamton has Furrball watch Puppet Street (a parody of Sesame Street) that shows Furrball how to spell some words, but Furrball says "meow" instead of saying the letters that spell the words. Hamton has Furrball reading a dictionary so he could learn some words. Hamton goes into the kitchen to get his chocolate cake out of the oven. Furrball finds the word "cartoon" in the dictionary and tries to pronounce it until he finally talks. He has fun reading all of the words in the dictionary in English. Hamton finds out that Furrball can finally talk, and is happy.
Plucky's New Pet Plucky was walking on the sidewalk and sees everyone with their pet doing some cool tricks. He wishes that he had a pet like everyone else. So he goes to the pet store to get himself a pet. He looks around the store for a pet. He then spots a donkey and buys it. Plucky shows his pet donkey to Shirley, who rides it around Acme Looniversity. She gives the donkey back to Plucky. He takes the donkey back to his home to teach it some tricks for the big pet show in Acme Acres tomorrow.