Plucky Duck and Calamity Coyote spend the day at a beach/aquatic center. Their they meet a gorgeous woman and they both fall for her. Plucky uses Calamity's Acme devices without the coyote's permission to try and impress her. Plucky keeps on getting hurt and often falling in the ocean waters. Later Calamity and Plucky go to the water park and Plucky sees the woman again. Plucky starts doing moves down the slide and keeps hurting himself wile Calamity is having fun going down the slides. Wile sitting in a steam room Calamity tells Plucky he was not happy with him using his Acme props without permission. In the end Plucky goes home in an ambulance and Calamity rides home with the woman (who fell for the little coyote) in her car.


Calamity talks in this episode.

The fish and the squid that appear at one point closely resembles Pac-Man and Inky from the video game Pac-Man.

There is also a reference to Disney's The Little Mermaid and the cartoon show SpongeBob SquarePants.