Scene 1: The Duck family's HouseEdit

Plucky: "There's nothing like a cold winter weather to go around here, now to watch my most favorite television show of all times."

Plucky turns on the television screen with the television remote, and Super Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs shows up.

Plucky: "Now that's what I call a real good action pack show."

Acme News Network Announcer: "We interrupt this program to bring you a very important news report, we now take you to Norville Rogers A.K.A. Shaggy and Fred Jones for a fast breaking report."

Shaggy: "This just in, we've got like, a very big snow storm coming to Acme Acres this evening."

Fred: "So you'd better get prepared for the big snowy event."

Shaggy: "And be sure to have enough good food and clothes in your house."

Acme News Network Announcer: "And now, we return you to your previous program."

Plucky: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe this, there's gonna be a great big snow storm, I'd better get this house prepared!"

Plucky goes grocery shopping, then puts some canned foods in the pantry, then puts all of his nice clean winter clothes away in his closet.

Plucky: "There, now I'm all prepared for the great big snow storm."

Cut to the Pig family's house.......

Wade: "Have we got everything prepared for our pantry, Winnie?"

Winnie: "We sure do, Wade, we've got canned soups and pastas, all prepared for the great big snow storm."

Hamton: "That's real good news, now we won't starve ourselves to death."

Later that night, while everybody else is asleep, snowflakes begin drifting down to the ground.

The very next morning, Plucky wakes up and looks outside his bedroom window in excitement.

Plucky: "Oh boy, snow on the ground, no school, Acme Looniversity is officially closed!"

Plucky eats his breakfast of French Toast and turkey sausage patties, then gets himself dressed up in his snow gear.

Plucky: "Well, it's a good thing I'm all prepared for the great big snow storm."

Plucky goes right outside to see Buster, Babs, Hamton, Shirley, Fifi, Li'l Sneezer, Furrball, Byron, Barky Marky, Gogo, Sweetie, Concord, Calamity, Li'l Beeper, Elmyra and Mary Melody standing right outside in their snow gears.

Buster: "Hey, Plucky, what are you on about?"

Babs: "Yeah, tell all of us about it."

Plucky: "Well, you've all heard about the great big snow storm, right?"

Hamton: "That's right, Plucky, we sure did."

Shirley: "Well, we're kind of enjoying this snowy day ourselves."