The Calamity Coyote Show

The Calamity Coyote Show Logo (same as the TTA logo)

The Calamity Coyote Show is a spin-off of Tiny Toon Adventures. The show stars Calamity Coyote & Little Beeper. It also features the coyote & roadrunner TTA Fan Characters. In the show Calamity tries to catch Beeper but fails. In some episodes Calamity is able to talk in the series. The series is done in CGI animation instead of 2D animation like in the regular Tiny Toons. It premiered on October 29, 1997 and ended on July 7, 1999. But came back on September 20, 2004 after a 5-year hiatus and ended on August 22, 2008.

TTA CharactersEdit

Calamity Coyote

Little Beeper



Buster & Babs Bunny

Plucky Duck

Hamton Pig

Fifi LeFume

Mary Melody

Shirly the Loon

and coyote & roadrunner fan characters

Cast Edit


Pilot (1996) Edit

Season 1 (1997) Edit

Roadrunner Catching

A Day At the Dam

Water Park Banzi

Area Coded Coyote

Roadrunner Stew

Who Framed Calamity Coyote

A Calamity Coyote Christmas

Mall Invaders

A Give Up on Roadrunner Chasing

Season 2 (1998) Edit

Season 3 (1999) Edit

Season 4 (2004) Edit

Season 5 (2005) Edit

Season 6 (2006) Edit

Season 7 (2007) Edit

The Calamity Coyote Show's 10th Anniversary

Season 8 (2008) Edit

Theme songEdit

[In the tune of the TTA theme]

Calamity: I'm tiny

I'm toony

I am a little looney

And this afternoony, where are the cartoon staffs?

My name's Calamity

I chase Beeper for foodies

And on my own cartoony, I will make you laugh!

I buy from ACME so that I can just succeed

But Little Beeper always runs me down right to my feet!

I'm tiny

I'm toony

I am a little wiley

It's time to watch cartoons with me, Calamity!

Little Beeper: I'm redder

I'm speedier

My name is Little Beeper

I always get away from Cal because I'm very fast!

My sneakers...

White, bluer!

They make me very quicker

Uh, oh, Cal's backer!

My legs, let's have a blast!

Calamity and Beeper: So Acme Acres is our hometown, we live there

And there are lots of stuff to do, it's chasing, and it's fair!

We're tiny

We're toony

We're both a little funny

Now let's watch cartoons with us, the time's begun!

And now our song is done!