Wraparounds Buster and Babs Bunny host this episode. But Babs doesn't seem too keen of this episode because it has all the three topics she just mentioned at the beginning of the episode, Dating, Acme Acres Style.
The College Loon Shirley the Loon has been a good student. Plucky and Hamton thought that tommorow was her graduation day. Plucky told Buster and Babs the news. They made the decorations that they were going to bring to school. There were white balloons, confetti, and Plucky got his father's permission to hire a brass band. When they got everything ready by 8:55 p.m., the Toons went to sleep. The big day (what the Toons thought) came. They left their homes to Acme Looniversity. When they were getting closer to the building, they saw that Shirley and the other Toons were throwing a party inside. Buster, Babs, Hamton, and Plucky were excited, but when they got there they weren't excited anymore. Shirley wasn't graduating today. Instead, it was Shirley's 4th anniversary of being at Acme Looniversity. Plucky and his friends were upset, but had fun at the anniversary.
Pay Up! Buster, Babs, and Calamity Coyote were riding in their Toon car. They were heading to the bike riding mountain to ride their bikes there. But when they were close, they were at a toll booth. A red and white barrier slammed down right in front of them. Calamity screeched the Toon car to a halt. A grumpy old man with a little raspy voice popped out of the toll booth and asked the Toons to pay. He pointed to the sign on the toll booth that the Toons had to pay 10 dollars and 99 cents (coins) to pass. Buster and Babs don't have money in their pockets, and Calamity only had one dollar, one penny, and one button in his pocket. The old man got grumpier. Buster called Plucky on his phone. Plucky went over to the toll booth. He saw how much Calamity had. He ran back home to get 98 pennies, and 9 dollars. The old man finally let them pass through. The Toons finally got to ride their bikes on the mountain.

Babs' Closet

Babs was walking outside her house when she heard her mom calling her name. Babs' Mom wanted Babs to clean her closet. Since it was a big mess, she got Buster, Plucky, Hamton, Shirley, and Fifi to come to her house. The Toons went into Babs' closet. Plucky was surprised to see that her closet was so big. Babs brought in a feather duster, Buster brought in a paper towel roll, and Plucky brought in a pair of tweezers to spread a portion of the mess apart. Suddenly, when the Toons got to the end of Bab's closet to clean up, Hamton disappeared. He was almost down below the mess. Hamton found a flashlight. Plucky spread the hole where Hamton fell in a bit more with the tweezers and Buster hopped in. Hamton and Buster could see a button. When Buster pressed it, a wardrobe closet sprouted up from the mess. Inside it were Babs' disguises. When Plucky saw some of her disguises to look like a man, he asked why she likes dressing up in man disguises. Shirley and Fifi gasped. Babs explains why she does it, causing the rest of the Toons to laugh. Her cheeks blushed red. Babs pushed them back to dust some of the mess. After the rest of the Toons were laughing at some of Babs' embarassing stuff with her ignoring them, Plucky found a picture of Babs kissing Buster. Babs stopped ignoring.