Beautiful Connie Condor by ThrillingRaccoon
Connie Devan Condor: a Green Condor. Originated from Germany, Her Birthday is October 27, and lived a hard life in an Orphanage run by a Heartless Nun. Suppossedly, Her Parents would have been dead, but Her Mother is currently travelling the World, and Her dad is doing research on the Nazca Lines. Her Age is 13 1/2. and When She met Concord Condor, She took the chance on escaping. Her favorite foods are Concord Grapes, strawberry Ice Cream, and Hot Dogs. She enjoys Rock n Roll. She will be Voiced by Tara Strong.

Kuku Topaz Dodo: a Yellow Dodo. Originated from the Galapagos Islands, Her Birthday is Feb. 4, and before the 15th Century, (the century when Dodos were Extinct.) She and Her Parents were stuck inside an Iceburg. almost 400 Years ago, a small remnant of the iceburg landed on the Acme Beach. (See Gogo Dodo Movie parts 1 to 9 for details.) Her age is 13. Her Love interest is Gogo Dodo. Her favorite Foods are Wood, Soda, Grass, Sno-Cones, and Yellow Paint. She will be Voiced by Candi Milo.

Natalie Looks up by ThrillingRaccoon
Natalie Zola Bookworm: a Jungle-Green Worm. Her Birthplace was in the Florida Orange Groves, Her Birthday is May 5, She went to Acme Loo after realizing there was nothing else to know about Florida. Her age is 9. Her favorite foods are Oranges, Orange Tree Leaves, and Tangerines. She is in love with Bookworm. She will be voiced by Tara Strong.

Guitar Possum
Paulina "Guitar" Possum: a Light Gray Possum. She used to live in Rochester, New York. Her Birthday was in Sept 19, She moved so She can learn more about Rocking at a New School. Her Age is 12. and Her soulmate is Banjo the Woodpile Possum. Her Voice would be Tress MacNeille or Cree Summer.