Tiny Toon Adventures 3D is a fanon epiosde of Tiny Toon Adventures. Unlike other TTA epiosdes this one is done with CGI animation.


Pemple of Shame- Buster Bunny gets a pemple and does not want to be in the school picture. Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck try to help Buster get rid of the pemple.

Ice Cream Pies- Calamity Coyote has an ice cream pie for lunch. He liked it and wants more. When he finds out Little Beeper was delivering ice cream pies Calamity tries to catch Beeper only to take the pies with no sucsess.

Return Of the Bleeps- Elmyra Duff pulls some feathers out of Fowlmouths tail. Fowlmouth gets mad and swears at her (with the bad words being bleeped out). Fowlmouth is sent to the principles office for cussing and he does not know what might happen to him.


This is the only TTA episode in 3D.