Wraparounds Buster and Babs appear on a countertop like Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.
Stories of the Crisps Sneezer is watching a scary movie about giant potato chips attacking a city. His mother appears and tells him that he's been watching TV for too long. Sneezer then goes to bed. He sees a picture of his family that transforms into evil potato chips. Frightened, Sneezer's eyes bug out of his head, and he runs to bed. As he tries to take his mind off of monsters, a speck of dust flies onto his nose. He lets out a big sneeze. Suddenly, the house starts rumbling. Sneezer thinks that his sneeze is causing the house to fall down. Instead, Buster and Babs fall out from the ceiling, scaring Sneezer. Buster introduces himself and explains that he's here to help him. Suddenly, Sneezer's toy chest starts shaking. Babs comes out of it wearing a baby bonnet. She takes the bonnet off.
Madame Fifi The segment begins with Fifi crying in her treehouse. Her servants, Buster and Babs want to know what's wrong. Fifi explains that she doesn't have a lot of stuff that she wants like her neighbors. When getting her her drinks, Babs notices a giant store outside. Buster and Fifi look at it too. Babs asks, "What does it mean?".
King Buster's Duck Heist Queen Babs is waiting for King Buster to finish up his bath.


  • This episode is a parody of VeggieTales, and the segments are parodies of "Tales from the Crisper" from "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?", "Madame Blueberry", and "King George and the Ducky".
  • This Tiny Toon Adventures episode has Christian morals.